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Internet innovations have been the cornerstone of the successful delivery of communications solutions to dozens. "In 1988 when I registered my first domain name, we were among a few dozen "Network Managers" on the Internet. Advanced Intelligent networks for Sprint, AT&T drove telecommunications development at a staggering rate. As a community service, I offered email transfer and accounts in Dallas Texas. This small internet server  was uplinked to AT&T and Sun Microsystems and processed thousands of messages a day.

Eventually Internet services would replace much of the advanced services Bellcore and AT&T expected in the Advanced SS7 networks. A change no one could envision until several years of rapid growth in broadband connectivity. By using a small server in 1988, equipped with the Xenix operating system and communications by Unix to Unix Copy, hundreds of individuals were able to easy connect with one another.

Since those humble beginnings so many years ago, we've developed products and services for hundreds of clients, including iPhone and Android applications, back-end Cloud hosted crowd-sourced databases.

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