Over 15 years of experience in creating businesses that serve Broadband in secondary and rural marketplaces. Drop a note if you are ready to develop your strategy and business to reach new high speed interconnected marketplaces. Key project management can at Aspenworks has been proven over and over across the world. From High Speed internet to mobile broadband to national hotspots, give Aspenworks a call.

If you are in an under or un-served area and require telephone, Internet or other communications, we can help. Contact us at (425) 296.7718 or info@aspenworks.com. With communications plans from $29.95 dialup to competitive business connectivity we'll work with you. Solutions for that provide comfort, security and performance of broadband to your business, home are just a phone call, or email away.

"By becoming a member of the Intel Premier Provider program, you have demonstrated a distinct level of expertise in Intel technologies and solutions. On behalf of Intel Corporation, I'm proud to recognize your commitment to technical excellence and customer service" - Craig R. Barrett, President and CEO Intel

Intel Premier Provider

Aspenworks was the first Internet Service Provider on the Glenwood Springs Community Broadband network (CBN). Setting the standards for performance, connectivity and process, Aspenworks designed a process and method that would eventually bring open competition and many of the local Internet Service providers to the innovative Glenwood Fiber Network.

I helped form one of the first Independent Internet Service Provider organizations. By being a founding Board Member of the Wireless Internet Service Provider Association, I offered the experience I had in building rural, rugged wireless networks for small communities scattered over 50 miles of Central Colorado. The WISPA organization provides independent communications service providers with a voice in Washington, and other key benefits. It encourages innovation and communication, strengthening the membership through on going discussions, shared experiences and successes. A cornerstone of American innovation, these risk taking small businesses make up the fast moving, efficient component of American economy which has proven again and again, small business freedoms pay the greatest dividends to the country. I'm proud to have been involved in the development of this key organization.

Alex Huppenthal

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Aspenworks is my fifth startup. From the first Apple computer store to accelerating and investing in today's Startups, this is a real life long adventure. 

When John Sullivan, Rian Emrick and I were sketching up multi-processor systems to reduce scrap and improve quality on manufacturing lines we learned the nuances of real-time programming. By creating multi-tasking Unix based real-time systems, we were able to squeeze the most value from the smallest system. A bit like the phrase, make it only as complicated as necessary, we kept it simple. 

These complex systems that depended on machine operators to interact consistently with simple intuitive User Experiences were not only low cost, but the value packaging manufacturers received was outstanding, and that meant our company did well.

Those years of success allowed me to take on more responsibility and more leadership across expanding roles from coder, to designer, to group leader, then manager of several groups, to interacting at the highest levels with some of the worlds largest telecommunications companies.

Solving problems for people is rewarding. I love seeing faces light up when I'm part of the ah-ha moment that often accompanies high energy, high competence work. I'm lucky to share that with a small group of collaborators and colleagues. A group, that since my involvement in Startup Weekend, has grown rapidly. 


Aspenworks completed a global project management effort for Microsoft Corporation, managing a key deliverables for Microsoft in their Unlimited Potential Group. I loved working in the field in Bangkok, Austria, Germany, Amsterdam with some of the best cellular and telecom companies in the world, including O2/Telephonica in Ireland, Vodaphone in Germany, SMART in the Philippines and DTAC in Thailand. We've learned the global secrets about why telecom is so crucial to people.

I work to provide my clients with the benefits of decades of hard earned experience in telecommunications business development, and among emerging groups within and outside of the largest Software companies in the world. It is an exciting time for me in emerging Mobile Broadband communications markets for LTE, HSDPA, WiMax, Satellite. Businesses that need clear paths to win are the most fun to work with. Where I can make a difference..